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Birthday Wishes for Signs



Birthday wishes are best to be chosen based on the zodiac sign of a person. Birthday signs are the signs assigned by astrology to everyone based on date of birth. These signs represent the profile of the person according to his birthday.  assigns 12 different signs to everyone. The names of the birthday signs are Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius. These birthday sign are also called zodiac sing and they have specific qualities and characteristics associated with them. This astrology is also sometimes called western astrology because it is originated in the west.


  • You get one birthday per year. Spend it wisely, or not.
  • Celebrating your birthday is important because you are important.
  • It's time to take some time to have some fun. It's your day today!
  • I sincerely hope you feel special on your special day!
  • My favorite day to celebrate you is on your birthday. I hope you let me enjoy you enjoying it.


Here is the short introduction of the twelve zodiac birthday signs. The first sign of zodiac astrology Capricorn has a symbol of a goat and the planet associated with it is Saturn.  The second sign Aquarius has water symbol and its planet is Uranus. Fish is the symbol of third zodiac sign and its planet is Neptune. The next birthday sign Aries has a symbol of ram and star associated with it is Mars. The fifth zodiac sign is Taurus, its symbol is bull and its ruling planet is Venus. To these signs is best to choose and send cheerful birthday wishes.


  • I don't care that tomorrow will no longer be your birthday. I think we should keep celebrating for at least a week.
  • Since it's your birthday, you can do anything you want as long as you act your age.
  • Never get too old to be my friend. Fortunately, I don't think that's possible.
  • I would wish you a happy birthday, but I would rather demand it.
  • You are the opposite of a dog. You age 7 times slower than regular humans.
  • When are you going to look your age again?
  • I don't like having to remind you how old you are because I can't remember anymore. Both of us must be getting old.
  • In my opinion, your birthday is a great reason to celebrate. I've celebrated less important occasions.

The sixth astrological sign is Gemini and has a symbol of twin people and its ruling planet is Mercury.  Next birthday sign Cancer has a symbol of a crab and its planet is Moon. Leo has a symbol of lion and planet is Sun. Virgo is represented by a virgin lady and its planet is Mercury. Libra has a scale symbol and planet is Venus. Scorpio has a symbol of scorpion of course and the planet is Pluto. The last zodiac sign Sagittarius is represented by archer and has planet Jupiter associated with it.


This was the short introduction of the birthday signs; they have numerous things associated with them like gem stone, figure, compatible love partner, suitable business/profession and much more. One should be aware of his birthday sign and everything related to it. For business persons it is necessary to know their compatible business and should adopt it for better outcomes. One should consult any astrologist to know about his birthday sign. Several websites available online help you in finding out your birthday sign but for that you should know exact date and sometimes time of your birth is also necessary for precise calculations.


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Birthday Wishes

Celebrations flower basket

Lily two roses, red, yellow

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